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    • 100% SOLIDWORKS compatible

    • Automatic generation and attaching of the test mark

    • Serial numbering is automatic, even when deleting or pasting

    • Icons are inserted with a mouse click

    • Reports can be generated in MS Word or in Excel.

    • Calculations of upper and lower tolerances

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With INRETO (Inspection-Report-Tool) you have the possibility to  provide your drawings in a menu-driven and automated way with test  symbols in order to automatically generate a test report with all  necessary information.

This saves up to 80% of the time, which means a significant cost reduction.

The reliability of the test reports is significantly improved by the continuous data transfer (from CAD to CAQ).

By fading in and out of the test symbols at the touch of a button, you  do not need a special test drawing; with this function, you can easily  turn the existing production drawing into a test drawing and vice versa.
The test report is generated automatically at the push of a button.

Nominal values ​​with your tolerances are taken from the SOLIDWORKS  drawing and calculated using tolerance tables for upper / lower  dimensions and documented on the report.
The numerical completeness is identical to the drawing.

The user can freely modify and edit the report templates.

All data is transferred to a report document (initial sample test  reports (MS-Word or MS-Excel)), in addition all information can be  transmitted electronically (ASCII format) into your CAQ system via the  Q-DAS interface.
whereby a continuous data flow from the CAD to the CAQ is guaranteed without media breakage.

    • 100% SOLIDWORKS compatible.

    • Texts and text blocks in a central database..

    • At the press of a button, the text language changes
      (Title block, texts and text blocks).

    • Quantity of languages practically unlimited.

    • Only one central SolidWorks drawing for multilingual use.






With our additional program LANDMAN (Language - Drawing - Manager) we offer for the first time the possibility to change the text language in SOLIDWORKS - 2D - Drawings with the push of a button.

If you work with multilingual drawings, you're probably familiar with the problem of translating or creating multilingual drawings with headings and text in SolidWorks.

The representation of the database content in the "Feature Manager" of SOLIDWORKS, allows the "user" by a simple "drag and drop" to insert a text element in the default language in a drawing and freely position.

If you then need to switch to another language, LANDMAN searches the current SOLIDWORKS drawing and compares the texts or text blocks with the entries stored in the dictionary and exchanges them on the drawing.

The head of the drawing can be included in the translation.

All, but only single words or text blocks can be selected.

There is the option of logging the language changeover, in order to identify the texts and text blocks in the event of missing dictionary entries and to supplement them if necessary.

LANDMAN does not contain a rigid and ready-made dictionary.

LANDMAN is the individual dictionary of your company.

The heart of LANDMAN is a database in which the texts and text blocks in your language are deposited by you. The dictionary can be accessed centrally on the network to ensure a consistent definition.

The content is designed and maintained by yourself. This ensures that only text already stored and thus defined is used or exchanged.

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